About Us

Wuxi Daya Technology Co., Ltd.

DAYA is a manufacture in China. We can supply Mechanical Press Machine, Stamping Automation and Peripheral Supporting Machinery Products and Services. The product line covers more than 100 types of products and services, such as C Frame Precision Press Machine, H Frame Mechanical Precision Press Machine, Servo Press Machine, Toggle Joint Precision Press Machine, High-Speed Press Machine, Servo Feeder Machine,Pneumatic Tools, Pu Tube,Air Hose,Air Compressor, Stamping Parts, Stamping Mold Die, Stainless Steel , etc.

These high-quality products are all made in China and with very high cost performance.

We can provide you with stamping turnkey project, so that you spend the least effort to find the most suitable products and solutions for you.

Our products can be used in automotive, aviation, electrical appliances, electronics, hardware, construction and other industries.

Daya technology attaches great importance to credit, abides by the contract and ensures the product quality. With the working spirit of "continuous progress, professional attitude and team cooperation", and the working attitude of reassuring pre-sale customers, reassuring customers during sales and reassuring after-sales customers, Daya technology provides customers with products and solutions with high cost performance and more suitable for customers.



November 2018 Shanghai International Die Casting Exhibition


Shanghai International stamping exhibition 2019


February 2019 Shanghai CME International Machine Tool Exhibition


February 2019 Shanghai CME International Machine Tool Exhibition 2


June 2017 Shanghai International Mould Exhibition