High Precision High Speed Press Machine(MDH-Series)

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Main performance characteristics:

® The press frame is made of international (GBT5612-2008) high-strength cast iron. After precise temperature control and tempering, the internal stress of the workpiece is naturally eliminated for a long time, so that the performance of the workpiece on the presses frame can reach the best state.
® The split gantry structure prevents the opening of the press frame when loading, and realizes the processing of high-precision products.
®The crank shaft is forged with alloy steel and then processed by a four axis Japanese machine tool. The reasonable processing and assembly process ensure that the machine tool has small deformation and stable structure during operation.
®The high-speed press adopts a six cylinder guide structure to reasonably control the displacement and deformation between the workpieces. With the forced oil supply lubrication system, the fine and micro thermal deformation of the machine tool under long-term operation and eccentric load conditions can be minimized to ensure long-term high-precision product processing.
® The man-machine interface is controlled by microcomputer to realize the visual management of operation, and the product quantity and press status are clear at a glance (the central data processing system will be adopted , and a screen will know all the working conditions, quality, quantity and other data of the press).

Technical parameter

Specifications Unit MDH-30T MDH-45T MDH-65T
Press capacity KN 30 45 65
Slider stroke length mm 20 30 20 30 40 20 30 40 50
Slider strokes per minute Spm 200-1100 200-900 200-1100 200-1000 200-900 200-700 200-600 200-500 200-400
Die height mm 240 235 270 270 265 260 255 250 245
Bolster area mm 640*450 750*500 1000*650
Slider size mm 640*340 750*360 950*500
Adjustment amount mm 50 50 50
Blank-holding hole mm 100*400 100*500 140*650*800
Main motor HP 7.5 15 18.5
Total weight Kg 5000 7700 14000


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