Four Axis Robot Series

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Four Axis Robot Series


Four axis robot series JZJ100B-230 100KG


Four axis robot series JZJ25B-180 25KG


Four axis robot series JZJ15B-140 15KG

Brief introduction of automatic handling robot:

1. The loading and unloading robot has a large load range from several kilograms to several hundred kilograms;

2. The running speed is fast and adjustable;

3. Flexible action, can complete complex handling and loading and unloading tasks;

4. High reliability and simple maintenance.

5. It can complete the three-dimensional space movement of heavy objects such as grasping, transporting, overturning, docking and so on. It provides an ideal tool for handling and assembling materials on and off-line and assembly of production parts. The loading and unloading robot can reduce the labor intensity and provide safe material handling. At the same time, it can also meet the special environment, such as the dangerous places where the explosion-proof workshop personnel cannot enter, and provides system solutions.

6. With a variety of non-standard fixtures, the robot can grasp various shapes of workpiece, and the operator can easily take off and land the load, move, rotate, swing forward and roll over. And the load is quickly and accurately placed in the preset position. With it, one person can easily operate the items that only a few people can move.

Four Axis Robot Series Technical Parameters


What are the main advantages of transport robots?

1. The palletizing and handling robot occupies less space, which is conducive to the layout of the production line in the customer workshop, and can reserve a larger warehouse area. And the robot can be effectively placed in a narrow space.

2. The palletizing and transporting robot has simple structure and few parts. Therefore, spare parts have low failure rate, reliable performance, simple maintenance and few spare parts.

3. The power consumption of palletizing and handling robot is low. Under normal circumstances, the power of palletizing and conveying robot is about 26KW, while the power of palletizing robot is about 5kW. Greatly reduce the operating costs of customers.

4. The palletizing and handling robot has strong applicability. When the size, volume, shape of the customer's product and the shape and size of the pallet change, the normal production of the customer will not be affected by a slight change on the touch screen. The reconstruction of palletizing and transporting robot is very troublesome, even can not be realized.

5. All the controls of the palletizing and handling robot can be operated on the screen of the control cabinet, and the operation is very simple.

6. As long as the starting point and placement point are determined, the teaching method is easy to understand.

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