GO,WUL-series Servo Feeder Machine

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1. Leveling adjustment adopts electronic digital display meter reading;

2. High precision screw is driven by positive and negative two-way handwheel to control width adjustment;

3. The height of feeding line is adjusted by motor driven elevator;

4. A pair of hollow roller blocking device is used for material sheet;

5. Feeding roller and correction roller are made of high alloy bearing steel (hard chromium plating treatment);

6. Hydraulic pressing arm device;

7. The gear motor drives the feeding head device of the pressing wheel;

8. Hydraulic automatic feeding head device;

9. Hydraulic support head device;

10. The feeding system is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC program;

11. The precision of feeding is controlled by Yaskawa servo motor and high precision planetary servo reducer;


Features of two in one material rack and leveling machine:

1. The material rack is integrated with the straightening machine, which does not take up space. It is easy to operate and use the variable diameter supporting device to facilitate loading and unloading.

2. It is suitable for all kinds of metal coil with material thickness of 0.5-3.0 mm.

3. It adopts integral steel structure body, which has solid structure, stable operation, small occupation and space saving.

4. The roller is made of bearing steel. After heat treatment and quenching of HRC60, it is plated with hard chromium and grinded again, which has strong durability.

5. The brake device can be adjusted to make the coil rotate more smoothly and increase its load force.

6. Imported electromagnetic contactor and electronic components are used for electric control, with less faults and long service life.

7. Oil pressure expansion can be selected. Due to heavy material, it is recommended.

Electrical hardware, automotive hardware, mechanical hardware, air conditioning hardware, kitchen hardware stamping automation open book leveling operation.

Unique advantages:

Stamping users are very fond of two in one frame leveling machine. The two in one material rack and leveling machine integrates material rack and leveling machine, which greatly saves space, has moderate price and high cost performance, and is commonly used equipment for configuration of stamping production line.

Installation and debugging method:

1. According to the thickness of raw materials used by common products and the length of feeding step distance, the distance between the feeder and the thickness of raw materials should be determined. If the material thickness is thicker or the feeding step distance is longer, the distance from the feeder should be appropriately increased, otherwise, it can be appropriately shortened.

2. The center of the straightening roller must be in line with the roller center of the feeder and the center of the punch die.

3. After the installation position is in the right position, the underground bolts shall be fixed as far as possible to prevent the displacement during the later winding.

4. After the installation, please put the antirust oil on the machine and refill the lubricating oil.

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