SRF-A-Series Roller Servo Feeder

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1. Leveling adjustment adopts electronic digital display meter reading;

2. High precision screw is driven by positive and negative two-way handwheel to control width adjustment;

3. The height of feeding line is adjusted by motor driven elevator;

4. A pair of hollow roller blocking device is used for material sheet;

5. Feeding roller and correction roller are made of high alloy bearing steel (hard chromium plating treatment);

6. Hydraulic pressing arm device;

7. The gear motor drives the feeding head device of the pressing wheel;

8. Hydraulic automatic feeding head device;

9. Hydraulic support head device;

10. The feeding system is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC program;

11. The precision of feeding is controlled by Yaskawa servo motor and high precision planetary servo reducer;


Introduction to the function of punch feeder

1. X-axis and y-axis can control the automatic servo feeder to make accurate positioning on the platform. For example, where does the x-axis go and where the y-axis goes.


2. The meaning of input points on the circuit board can be set in the menu option input point parameters. For example, if you press the "single" button, it is found that the clamp is closed. This is the wrong setting here. You can set or modify it from the option input point parameter,

Application skills of automatic servo feeder

1. Punch press is not only used in plastic forming of mechanical components, but also used as the body and mother machine of many special equipment for punching and shearing of screen, cushion net and protective cover. CNC punch feeding system belongs to mechatronics products, which includes mechanical part, control part, power source, detection part and executive components.

2. The machining path can be directly simulated and displayed in CAD graphics. So after the program is generated, it should be simulated by the computer to see if there are any errors. Because the whole operation interface shows the actual processing text and graphics, it is very user-friendly, including the current position of the punch. After the program is generated, before the stamping process and during the stamping process, the whole processing process can be observed in real time to avoid errors.

3. Using the skills of the automatic servo feeder, we also introduced the skills in the operation. Now, the editor wants to say something about it. We should arrange the rest time reasonably, because the machine is an iron man. At the same time, pay more attention to the maintenance of the automatic servo feeder.

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